Between the Lines

Patti RussoM.S., CPT Certified Poetry Therapist                                                             (978) 314-8659                                                              Cambridge, MA 02139                                       
Intergenerational Poetry Groups
For the past twelve years, Patti has facilitated intergenerational poetry programs at preschools and high schools in the greater Boston area and at Easter Seals in Manchester, NH.

Intergenerational programs are beneficial because they:

  • Reduce age segregation by bringing different age groups together. 
  • Help shed stereotypes and misconceptions by allowing each age group to see the other as real. 
  • Allow older participants to interact with young, positive, energetic students while acting as mentor and sharing their interests. 
  • Improve the social development of young adults by encouraging them to engage with new people.   
  • Help seniors feel useful and that they are giving to the community.     

Carlisle, MA was recognized as one of three 2015 Best Intergenerational Communities in the U.S. by Generations United, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting intergenerational programs and policies nationwide. Patti and others from Carlisle traveled to Washington, D.C. to receive the designation.  
"The best societal learning occurs when generations come together in contexts of discovering and valuing." -- Margaret Mead
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